Regarding “Eloise,” Tortoledo noted “When we first started putting it together with the band, I remember challenging the drummer to a bare minimum use of cymbals. Listening to the track today, I think it shows how much it can be accomplished with so little.” Daniel added “Anecdotes aside, I believe and stand behind every word in the lyrics.”

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Creative Control Magazine

I’m always amazed by a person’s songwriting ability. It doesn’t matter the genre. To me, songwriting is an astounding and baffling talent that’s ten times more amazing than any technology humans have developed. I’ve been trying to figure out how to piece together a complete song for years and I’ve always wondered where the ideas for the collective sounds come from. What’s even more surprising to learn is that the strongest inspiration can come from the simplest things. A chief example of this is coming up with the idea for a song while cleaning an old piano.  That’s how Daniel Tortoledo’s Dark Times came about. “The random sound of the keys served as original sound bites for the groove to start taking place,” he says in a press release.  “That’s the beautiful thing about art, it may come from where you least expect it.”...

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Allston Pudding


Brooklyn-based Daniel Tortoledo hopes to find a light in “Dark Times,” the latest folk rock effort from the American-Venezuelan songwriter.

The song premieres today accompanied by a mesmerizing music video created by illustrator and printmaker Lill Martinez, and serves as the first single off of Tortoledo’s upcoming LP, Throughout the Years.  Read Article



Spill Magazine

A Spill Exclusive Video Premiere
Brooklyn-based Folk/Rock American-Venezuelan songwriter Daniel Tortoledo drops new single “Dark Times”, first cut of his upcoming album “Throughout These Years” – due this Summer. The video is an audiovisual art piece hand-drawn frame by frame. Through a moving panorama technique, artist Lill Martinez conveys a kaleidoscopic sea of elements that match the music both in a unique and experimental manner. Often compared to artists such as Neil Young, George Harrison and more contemporary ones like Devendra Banhart, Tortoledo will be performing March 24th in Vancouver and March 26th in San Francisco.
Artist Quote
“Inspiration for the song came while cleaning an old piano”, Daniel says. “The random sound of the keys served as original sound bites for the groove to start taking place. That’s the beautiful thing about art, it may come from where you least expect it.”
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Vice Versa Magazine

Video Premiere: “Dark Times”, nuevo single de Daniel Tortoledo

NUEVA YORK: Daniel Tortoledo, cantautor Americano-Venezolano de Folk/Rock basado en Brooklyn, lanza el nuevo single “Dark Times” en colaboración con la artista visual Lill Martinez.

“Dark Times” es el primer corte del próximo disco de Tortoledo “Throughout These Years”, a editarse en el mes de Julio. “La inspiración para esta canción me vino mientras limpiaba un piano viejo”, dice el cantautor. “El sonido aleatorio de las teclas sirvió como puntapié inicial para que el groove comenzase a tomar forma. Eso es lo lindo del arte, puede venir de donde uno menos lo espera.”

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